Guttermouth - live in Wollongong (Cover Artwork)


live in Wollongong (2019)

live show

Guttermouth is back down under for a string of club shows as well as their famous parlour house gigs where you can impress all your mates by having the band playing in your very own garage, pool or what ever venue this place has to offer. Despite canceling all of their Western Australia dates due to visa issues mainly caused some check-up on our favorite singer, the band made it for their first date in NSW, a free gig at Frankie's pizza in Sydney. Their second gig was down the coast in Wollongong at the one and only Rad Bad.

The band was both, shocked but also very stoked about the size of the venue. The gig was sold out for about two weeks, with about 50 peoples in the place at the peak of the night. Before starting their set, Mark mentioned how much he loves floor show, and that gig will probably be one of their best of the whole tour. The crowd at that point had already drunk too many VB and could barely stand-up. The band finally managed to get all their gear together, and Mark requested to start with Race Track. A few adjustments later, the band kicks off and soon realize that they will be up for a wild hour where Mark will be leading the Mosh pit, and member of the crowd will constantly interfere with the band at any moment. The transition through Disneyland was almost perfect, and the crowd seems to keep the momentum. Mark needed a couple of breaths before Chicken box and lucky the Donkey. At that point, the heat was getting pretty high, and the floor and band equipment were covered by beers. After only four songs, the crowd started to struggle, and Mark was consistently being hit by people in the mosh pit and started to have a few altercations with a few old punk rockers that didn't know what they were doing there in the place. The band kept it together and continued with an old school song from Friendly people: End of 9. After End of 9, the tension between the drummer and a few people in the crowd got pretty hight when the same person kept falling on the drum kit halfway through pretty much every single song. Mark started to get involved and somehow appears to hit his hand badly, requesting some VB to sort out his so-called broken hand. The band transitioned into more soft songs from Covered with Ants before playing 1,2,3 slam. At that point, the altercations between people falling on the drum kit and the drummer were just getting ridiculous. Strangely enough, the crew member appears busy doing back vocals using Justin microphone and couldn't care less about what was happening with the band. The energy in the crowd was getting pretty low but peaked up when they started Bakers dozen. At that point, someone had managed to climb up on the wall of the venue and dove from a fairly high distance, nearly knocking the entire mosh pit on the ground. Moments later, the drum set was again flying up in the air. The band finished their set with a ridiculous amount of interruption but played a solid string of songs from Teri Yakimoto, Full length, and musical monkey. The whole band also got involved in the mosh pit at some point.

Despite the number of altercations between the band and the mosh pit, the band kept it together for the entire set and to be honest played hell of a set. I have seen Mark getting really pissed in the past, and I was surprised he kept it together. The only down side was a few very annoying crowd members that probably listen to Guttermouth 25 years ago and we just to keen to steal Mark's microphone without actually knowing any of the words. The gig got better when the crowd literally expelled one of them from the place. Overall, that resulted in shorter songs as they couldn't play an entire song without someone interfering with the drum set or stealing Mark's microphone.

You might consider Guttermouth as Mark Adkins with a cover band, the band indeed went through several changes in the last while, but the core of the band has remained the same for the last 10 years or so. I was surprised to see Justin back on the guitar with Donnie now on Bass which is different from their last tour down under where Justin was on the drum and Donnie was on guitar. Bottom line is who cares; the guys know their stuff. I was quite surprised that they didn't play any new songs from their latest release, but at the same time, they play the show for the fans and are aware that the old school stuff is what people want to hear.

All in all, you might want to catch up one of their gigs while they are down under, I told Justin 5 years ago that it was my last Guttermouth gig as they said, they won't come back down under and I couldn't see any long term future for the band. Here were are 5 years later, only time will tell with Guttermouth...

Here is the set list:

Race track/ Disneyland

Chicken Box / Luck the Donkey

End of 9

She’s got the Look


Asshole/Party of two

What’s the big deal?

I’m destroying the world

Bakers dozen

trinket trading, tick toting, toothless tired, tramps/7t's

Do the hustle?

Bruce lee