No Turning Back - Destroy (Cover Artwork)

No Turning Back

Destroy (2019)

Take Control records

No Turning Back have been creating fast and heavy metallic hardcore since the early 2000’s, and have shown no sign of slowing down in 2019. The bands most recent 10-song LP Destroy, is as fast and angry as ever, and continues to push the envelope forward for European hardcore.

Destroy is just the right combination of blistering d-beats and heavy breakdowns mixed with catchy sing-a-long friendly choruses. The band does not tread any new territory here, but continues to showcase expertly crafted hardcore. One of the best aspects of No Turning Back has been the band’s ability to draw in hardcore fans from all parts of the scene. Destroy can easily appeal to everyone from the traditional melodic purist, to hard style and thrash enthusiasts.

The production is crisp and clear, but I can’t help feeling that the band would have benefited from a cleaner and more produced sound. The riffs are heavy and would shine with a thicker guitar sound. That being said, I don’t doubt the band was aiming for a vintage and reverb heavy production value, but a bit more depth would have gone a long way. The lyrical content covers typical hardcore topics including politics and relationships, but manages to avoid any cheesy and cliché pit falls.

No Turning Back are one of the hardest working bands in hardcore, and have been since the band started. Destroy is a product of experience and expertise. It pulls no punches pretending to be anything except what it is, a well crafted straight up hardcore record. The melodic sing alongs are on point and the double kick laced breakdowns are some of the best. FFO Terror, Madball, Comeback Kid.