In this day and age where hardcore bands come and go with the speed of light NO TURNING BACK are holding true to what they originally set out to do and they're not planning on giving up, ever. In fact their new album, fittingly titled HOLDING ON, is to be released on five continents! An incredible achievement considered they started out nine years ago as 16–year olds in the barren south–eastern parts of The Netherlands. Music was their only means of venting their anger and frustration of not fitting in, in a world that seemed sick and cold to the bone. Since those days the band has come a long way... Driven by a merciless give–all–take–all attitude, NO TURNING BACK have steadily been building an impressive career and have become a household name in hardcore with an incredible back catalogue of three MCDs, a split 7EP, a 7 EP and two full length records.

Heavily leaning on the original NYHC sounds from the days NO TURNING BACK have evolved and developed their own signature grooves, fast breaks and massive singalongs. Theyre able to transform any audience into a raging mob within seconds during the band's increasingly popular liveshows. The same phenomenon is bound to rear it's head when the band hits Japan, South Africa and Southern America for the first time on their upcoming monster world tour and will be returning to the USA for the second time. Never before has a European hardcore band been able to gain so much recognition worldwide and it will only solidify their position as an equal among their American peers and their reputation as one of the most hardworking bands in this scene.

HOLDING ON, the bands third full length, was recorded in De Studio with Dirk Miers and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side. Its their best studio effort to date; backed by a wall of unsurpassed heaviness the band delivers everything you love them for and more. This time it's faster, harder, better and tougher than all their previous releases combined which seems hard to believe, but is true nonetheless. Their notorious work ethic, has turned HOLDING ON into a monument of willpower and faith, a document of struggle, a manifest of the underdogs that went to war with the world. NO TURNING BACK can claim being the living proof of the fact that what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. Nine long years since it all started, the band are raising every bar ever set in hardcore by sounding more hungry, more eager and what's most important; more inspiring than any of their contemporaries.