Oso Oso - basking in the glow (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Oso Oso

basking in the glow (2019)

triple crown records

I always tout Oso Oso and Posture & the Grizzly as two of the most underrated indie/pop-punk acts around, and to back me up the former offers a stark reminder why on basking in the glow under Triple Crown -- a label know for pushing more of these bands like Tiny Moving Parts and Sorority Noise. And honestly, it's a smart move for fans looking for a breezy summer album to listen to from a two-piece involving vocalist/guitarist/bassist Jade Lilitri and Aaron Masih on drums. It's simple yet non-formulaic and finds the band providing another batch of delectable mid-tempo jams.

You've got warm acoustics in songs like the "intro" and "one sick plan" which highlight how good Lilitri is when it comes to bare-boned, stripped-down tracks that are as catchy as they are minimal. This is something he prides himself on and Oso Oso has gravitated towards this style a lot over the last few years as Lilitri tweaked to find the best accessories for making music, people included. That might be an issue for some who expected a bit more hard-edged bangers but as a collective, this is as accessible as it gets and a pretty straightforward entry point for new fans. The title-track and "the view" could honestly have been a bit more amped up, but I think overall simplicity is a factor which works big time here because Lilitri always lets his melodic chords and catchy rhythms do the talking. Just listen to how restrained he is throughout, letting the music stand out more atop his distorted voice.

You do get some quicker mid-tempo jams like "wake up next to god" and the '90s alternative-tribute in "impossible game" to remind us this may well be where Oso Oso's strong point lies, but still when they divert from the game plan, it's done so well it's hard to complain. I mean, despite these soft crooning tacks, this is a band that can pull off Joyce Manor when roughing it so I guess we can call it extra-dimensional when they choose to keep it "chill" as Lilitri loves to call it. This is best summed up by the closer "Charlie" which represent the best of both worlds; the slow-mid dynamic of the band, encompassing a duality which makes them the next saccharine joint you should be biting down on.