Reach The Sky / Bane / Terror / Most Precious Blood - live in Worcester, MA (Cover Artwork)

Reach The Sky / Bane / Terror / Most Precious Blood

live in Worcester, MA (2003)

live show

Over the years, there has been many, many memorable hardcore shows in Massachusetts. Nothing could have prepared the crowd tonight for the historical show that they were about to witness at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. The night was already special seeing how it was the final performance of Boston's hardcore heroes REACH THE SKY. Throw in THE PROMISE, MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD and BANE (and not to mention a special, unanounced guest) and, well, we got ourselves a real pit fest folks.

THE PROMISE kicked off the night full speed ahead with their energetic, integrity fueled hardcore. This allstar lineup shredded totally. The crowd went nuts for them and the did not dissapoint, although their sound sucked royaly. They played many songs off of their new disc Believer. Highlights were No Hereos, Dead Man's Band, and Pity For None. Divers, moshers, the crowd was in full effect and the Promise has some cool words to say about hardcore, Reach the Sky and the scene in general.

MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD came on next and it was my first time seeing word - awesome! Fucking place went crazy for these guys and fists and bodies were flying everywhere. There was a commotion to the side of the stage that sent security staff members running to see what was up...a kid got knocked out, he was taken out...hopefully the kid will be alright. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. This band ripped, I'll have to check them out more often...good set.

Toward the end of MPB sets, the singer takes the mike and talks about REACH THE SKY thanking them, he then said "TERROR is up next!" TERROR?!?!? What...the...FUCK!?! The place went absolutely fucking bonkers. TERROR was off the fucking hook! The place blew up, the crowd chaos was too much for most to take. A steady stream of divers, fists and feet were flying all over the fucking place...TERROR is THE band to see. The f'ed it up RIGHT!

If this wasn't enough, hometown hardcore legends BANE came up next. I don't know how to really descibe this set...I could use terms like "dope", "off the hook", "fucking shredded" but words can not do this band and this set justice. You just had to have been there. It fucking OWNED! The ripped through some serious songs from their catalouge, "Anti Up", "Can we start again", "Count Me Out" and "Two Guns Blazing"...many more. AT one point there must have been 75-100 people on stage fucking singing, moshing and pumping their fist. It was crazy. One dude even did a nice crowd walk, he got about 20 feet in before he bailed. Greatest set I've seen Bane play for sure, they spoke of integrity, Reach the Sky and being true to yourself. The crowd loved them.

REACH THE SKY came on and you would think that the place would be dead tired. A lot of people give this amazing band shit because they don't play moshcore, or they don't play what style is "hot". What can be said about this band. They played such a stunning set with such verocity, such intensity that the roof nearly caved in on the fucking joint. Since it was their last show ever, the played a ton of songs both new and old. The crowd went berzerk, swinging wildly and at one point the whole fucking place was floor punching was sick! "Last Known Address", "Gift of Stern ANgels", "This Sadness ALone", "Let us be damned", "Wherever you go", "World Stands Still", and "Catch the last train"...many, many more. Towards the end a huge sing along erupted on stage with dozens of people singing along with Ian. The show closed with fans chanting "REACH THE SKY! REACH THE SKY!...."

They will be missed, but they will NEVER be forgotten. What a fucking night...