The Killing Flame - Another Breath (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Killing Flame

Another Breath (2000)

Equal Vision

The Killing Flame was/is a band comprised of members who's resumes include spending time in Ignite,No For An Answer,Hands Tied, and Uniform Choice. Impressive? You bet it is. I guess Im a sucker for name dropping, because I was led to check out this band because of it.

I was a little bit nervous when I first popped this disc into my CD player, because the firsttrack , "The Killing Flame" is probably the weakest. It's sloppy and the vocals seem unorganized at times. Luckily the second track, "Shooting the Star" recovers and is very solid. My personal favorite track "Consolation Prize" is third, and it shows the band at it's best.

One thing to note about this CD is the amount of guest appearances you'll find. The liner notes even list guest pick slides. How's that for giving everyone credit? My main complaint about this band is that the vocals are all over the place and are hard to follow at times.

Musically and sometimes vocally I'd compare them to old Ignite, maybe "Scarred For Life" era. With that said, I'd recommend this to fans of old Ignite. I also found it odd, yet interesting that hardcore band like this would have a guest appearance from Corporate Avenger. It's not bad though. While this isn't the best ever and it's not the best CD Equal Vision has ever put out, it sure kicks the crap out of The Stryder. I haven't seen anything relating to this band for awhile, so they may be dead. Either way this band is worth listening to if you like older Ignite or melodic hardcore in general.