Terror - Lowest Of The Low (Cover Artwork)


Lowest Of The Low (2002)

Bridge 9

When you've been the front man for a popular hardcore band, relations to that band are bound to be made, should you ever be in a new one. This holds true with Terror. Front man Scott Vogel (who was the singer of Buried Alive) returns in Terror. If you're looking for another Buried Alive, you're out of luck. While there are some similarities (the obvious one being the same lead singer), they don't warrant going into, as they are probably shared with 1000 other hardcore bands.

So I've already said that Terror aren't Buried Alive...so what are they you ask? Well, they're a straight up, hard as hell, old school NYHC sounding band, with a killer presence both on stage, and recorded. This release is only an ep, so it's fairly short at 9 songs. It includes all the songs from their demo as well. The songs are all extremelly angry, and Vogel's voice is perfect for conveying that emotion (not to mention the fact that he uses the f-word about 5 times in each song). The band sounds extremely right in this recording, and the production and mastering are top notch.

"Lowest Of The Low" does run fairly short, but that won't leave you any reason to complain, because you'll want to listen to it repeatedly. If you're into hard hitting stuff, you'll love this. If you're into old school NYHC stuff, you'll love this. If you like hardcore, you'll love it. If you get the chance to see Terror live, don't pass it up, because a recording just can't do them justice.