Decent Criminal - DC EP (Cover Artwork)

Decent Criminal

DC EP (2021)

Sell The Heart Records

Santa Rosa, CA’s Decent Criminal have returned with another refreshing blend of alternative rock, punk, and surf vibes with the DC EP.

The extended play hammers ajar with crunchy, wide-open rhythms from drummer Hunter Martinez in “Drifter,” weaving dredged twangy guitars into an anthemic chorus, sung by guitarist Brian Gellman and bassist Jesse Hernandez, and it bleeds of Janes’ Addiction.

The banger exhausts into the fragile intro to “Reap,” offering a lot of moving bass-work from Hernandez, and a wonderful resolving verse, before exploding into a lone gigantic chorus, and of epic proportions.

“Reap” sputters to a heavy hit from closer “Bizarre,” perhaps the catchiest song on the EP, but we are literally comparing perfection here. The song screams the same dissonance and reliability of a great Bracket song, complete with methodical vocal harmonies and bittersweet chords.

This band is fantastic. I would very much recommend the DC EP to a fan of no-nonsense punk rock, and I would recommend that the band writes more songs next time. Killer.