The Blood Brothers - Burn Piano Island, Burn (Cover Artwork)

The Blood Brothers

Burn Piano Island, Burn (2003)


Bands like the Blood Brothers don't just pop out of nowhere, but to many mainstream fans, it may seem that this is just what they've done. Last year they came out with the phenomenal "March On Electric Children" on Justin Pearson of The Locust's label, Three.One.G. Fans of that album will not be disappointed.

Burn Piano Island, Burn picks up right where March On Electric Children left off, furthering the stories of the siamese gun and of course Piano Island. And musically, well musically, it's the greatest thing I've ever heard. This album has such raw intensity, such passionate vocals, such spastic melodies that...well you won't be able to stop yourself from jumping up and dancing around screaming like an idiot along with the words.

Personally I think it may be a little too intense for mainstream listeners, but obviously ARTISTdirect doesn't think so. Any diehard fan of punk rock or hardcore will surely appreciate this masterpiece though.

It also shows growth on behalf of the Blood Brothers. The Jerome's Dream-esque song "Guitarmy" shows that the band doesn't care to stick to typical format, while the experimental "Piano Song" demonstrates the group's ability to branch out and leave behind their typically guitar led music. Fans may or may not be pleased that the band is more fully utilizing the keyboards in songs like "Cecilia & The Silhouette Saloon."

I could talk about this album for hours to tell you the truth, tell you every last thing about it, but I'll let you discover this on your own. It's gonna blow your fucking mind.