No Trigger - Acid Lord EP (Cover Artwork)

No Trigger

Acid Lord EP (2022)

Red scare industries

I am always 100% honest when it comes to my familiarity with a band. No Trigger is a band that until now I have only known by name. Just so many bands and not enough time to check them all out. Many, if not most of you, are already familiar with this Worcester, MA band. Forming in 2000, they have to date released two full length albums on Nitro Record and No Sleep Records. Countless singles, splits and compilation appearances appear on their resume as well.  I see the band labeled as a hardcore band, though that would not be my first thought. Soon the band will release "Dr. Album" as their third album and first in ten years. To tide fans over, the "Acid Lord EP" was recently unleashed on the world. This five track EP is a precursor of what is to come from this veteran band

 The title track "Acid Lord" begins this latest sampling of recordings from No Trigger. Opening like a Rancid track with low bassline and vocals, the song serves as a top-notch lead off track. This skate rock heavy track boasts solid backing vocals throughout which carry the melody. Hints of Red Scare alumni Teenage Bottlerocket can be heard. The anti-racism track "Anti Fantasy" follows. This track sounds like it was lifted straight out of 90s commercial alt rock radio. This is some of the best production I have heard in a long time, on this track as well as the EP. There are many expletives throughout the song which helps showcase the band's disdain for those who are non-tolerant. This track features a solid breakdown with random speaking parts. My favorite line is saying they want "Peace and Love and Record Stores." The mid-tempo pop punk track "Brainwashed" is next. This song deals with the struggles of knowing what to believe from what you are taught in school or church. The topics of children dealing with the realities and myths of both drugs and religion are cleverly presented. The verses feature catchy ska core guitar riffing, like Less Than Jake. This song sounds as if it were lifted straight out of a 1990's teen movie. The darker "Guillotine" breaks up any monotony on this EP. This track deals with all the inequalities in the world. This is a steady mid paced skate rock track featuring amazing vocal harmonies. Lyrically, this is an extremely contemporary song.  The uplifting "Acceptance Speech" closes out this latest offering from No Trigger. The track opens with a catchy synth line leading into steady guitar riffing in the verse. This song is about change and making things better in the world. Once again, it must be stated how well produced this track is as well as all others.

No Trigger have made this reviewer a fan from this latest offering. This is a solid mix of well-produced skate punk and melodic hardcore. If you miss the days of heavily produced 1990s punk rock, then this is the EP for you.