Ann Beretta/Bigwig/Wake Up September - live in Richmond (Cover Artwork)
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Ann Beretta / Bigwig / Wake Up September

live in Richmond (2003)

live show

As many of you know, I am an appreciator of RVA music, and one of the driving forces behind our "scene" (don't you just hate that word?) has been Ann Beretta. Despite various lineup changes, internal struggles and so on, the band has carried on. Many have argued that since former vocalist/guitarist Leer Baker left the band, they have demised into less than what is expected. I couldn't disagree more.

As usual, the scene at the 929 Cafe' (formerly Twisters to most of us) was a plethora of younger kids, mixed with the few bar patrons. I have come to expect this, and am glad that the younger generation is straying further from the cock rock.

As I entered, a small band from South Carolina was warming up the crowd, Wake Up September. While I certainly appreciate their dedication and musical ability, the band didn't do much for me. It was a generic mixture of emo-rock mixed with pop-punk riffs. The only bright spot was their drummer, whom was hitting that set like it had just fucked his girlfriend. Very impressed by him.

Suprisingly, Bigwig opted to let Ann Beretta close the night and took the stage next. This was quite possibly the best set I have ever seen from them. As usual, their incredible energy and stage presence kept the crowd in a frenzy the entire set. And speaking of the set, there was a great mixture of tracks from all three records. Most notable were the performances of "Sink of Swim", "Moosh", the "Cheers" theme song and a cover of Fugazi's "Waiting Room". Fucking rock.

As Ann Beretta began to setup, I noticed what seemed to be a smaller crowd than usual. I attributed this to the previous night's Avail show and this upcoming Wenesday's Bouncing Soul's show. What can I say, we're pretty poor here.

Nonetheless, the set was one of the more standout performances I had seen from them in a while. Several new tracks were played (including "Built to Last" from the comic "Pounded" soundtrack, which I highly recommend.) along with the classic AB fave's as well. Highlights included "MCA", "Love's Easy Tears", a reintroduction to the setlist of "Forever Family" and of course, "Shovel".

Ann Beretta will be heading out on tour this month and I highly advise you to check them out if they make a stop in your town. A fun time for all.