Body Count - Violent Demise: The Last Days (Cover Artwork)
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Body Count

Violent Demise: The Last Days (1997)


I know, I know what you little dime a dozen punks are thinking "A band with Ice T in it reviewed on a punk site?!" Well, all I have to say is, if there was ANY true definition of punk rock, Ice T embodies it more so than most other people ever have. And this metal/punk band of his defines what potent and angry music is all about. Although this was the band's third, last and least commercially successful is also the best.

The band's first album gained wide notoriety over the track "Cop Killer", a deliciously defiant track which made up for the rest of THAT album's rather unexciting tracks. So, what's the difference here? Well, this album is consistently solid and powerful musically. It sustains a good smack and potentencey throughout the entire record. The title track basically speaks for itself, we've all got to die and when you really sit and think about is one brutal struggle to the last breath. In between choruses Ice lists off different ways to die, it's not the most lyrically complicated song, but it get's your blood pumping nonetheless. Another stand out track is "Truth Or Death", another song whose title explains itself. Ice vents about how everybody lies, all the time and that truth really doesn't exist. The ultimate music for a bad day at work.

The album even hit's a few darkly humorous numbers like the speed hardcore track "Dr. K", in which the infamous Dr. Kavorkian is the subject with entertaining lyrics like "You think your life is fucked? Call Kavorkian! You think your life just sucks? Call Kavorkian!".....with gang vocals and the whole nine yards. The album does hit a VERY serious note however with the song "Last Days", a brutally honest and angry song about racism and the social inequality between the upper classes and the minoritys.

Ice is obviously a very intelligent man whose had enough of the bullshit that surrounds him. Fed up with police brutality, racism, gang violence and the government so he lashes out in musical form and the results are great. Great music for working out or venting some steam.