Bigwig / Fairweather / Gunmoll / The Boils - live in Washington, DC (Cover Artwork)

Bigwig / Fairweather / Gunmoll / The Boils

live in Washington, DC (2003)

live show

The whole bill was supposed to include the viewfinder. Well showing up fashionably late allowed us to totally miss this band (and with a name like the viewfinder I don't know if it was such a bad thing). I do not download music nor do I care to. I will find out about bands the old fashioned way and go see them, so the guys in the viewfinder missed out tonight because I just wasn't there yet.

As I was walking in the Boils were loading in. I was looking around the stage and recognized Greg (he is the only Boil still in the band from the last time I saw them) and was a little shocked at how young the rest of his band was looking. To my surprise the rather motley crew pounded out the same ol' Boils set that makes them my favorite regional street/oi/whatever you call spikey haired punk music these days band. The kids just weren't feeling it though.

Next up was Gunmoll. Like the Viewfinder I found it rather hard to think anything good of this band based solely on their name alone. Unlike the Viewfinder they had a chance to prove me wrong (and failed miserably). I know you are from FL, but I swear if I hear another FL band that reminds me of that horrid band HWM (hot water music for those of you who aren't internerdtastic enough to be hip to the linguistics) I am going to shoot someone. They played a rather short set and I was thankful.

Then comes this lovely, lovely (NOTE the extreme sarcasm) band, Fairweather. They could be grouped into the category 'Music for Prepubescent Deaf Girls'. They were led on stage by this grotesquely overweight frat boy looking guy with some horrific facial hair that sounded like he could be singing third string for the next New Found Glory knock off act. Nothing about their music grabbed me, but the only thoughts I kept having were that I need to start a band like this so I too can capitalize on the music removing the underpants of the underaged.

Finally up was Bigwig... NEVER turn down a chance to see these guys live. Their cds are often way too overproduced/weak, but their live show will floor you every time. They played their assorted covers the cheers theme and 'waiting room' (disappointed b/c they wouldn't play slayer this time). Played the same songs they always play (their hits if you will) 'Girl In The Green Jacket', 'Sink Or Swim', and all the others (if you have seen them live you will know what I am talking about). The words GREAT/AMAZING come to mind when thinking of their live performance. If you get a chance go see them.

The bill overall gets a 6 for bigwig and the boils... the other 2 bands did their worst to make this evening a total waste... and the fact that I came home (alone) and didn't have anyone to keep me off of the computer afterwards is detrimental towards it's score as well.