Yellowcard - Midget Tossing (Cover Artwork)


Midget Tossing (1998)


Allan Leavell

I am in true love with this album! From start to finish it is one of my top ten albums of all time! Props to Yellowcard for showing me what real punk is! Okay, I got this CD at school when they were carrying boxes of the CDs around class, etc. It was a local band from the school I went to and I was like cool, because this of course is when I was listening to bands like Reel Big Fish and Save Ferris haha.

#1 - L.P. is one of the greatest drummers of all time and continues to be one of my biggest influences in punk rock.

#2 - guitars and bass are completely amazing!

#3 - vocals are the best! I love Ben Dobson's voice! I think it is one of the more noticeable voices out there. He's awesome.

The songs on here are incredible, '2 Quarts' is simply amazing, it's fast, catchy and irresistible. 'Possessions' is one of my favourite songs on the album, as I also have Planet Radio's Native Noise Volume 1 which has a different recording of the song (i think, it may just be re-mixed/mastered). 'Sue' is a fucking killer slab of skate punk I love it. 'American't' starts off a little on the ska/punkish side. It's really cool. Also one of my favourites, 'Up Hill Both Ways' with a nice bass intro. 'Me First' starts out with Sean on violin and is catchy and slow the whole way through. 'For the Longest Time', my least favourite track on the CD is a cover song. 'Get Off the Couch' is really melodic and fast. 'Interlewd' is just that. It's acoustic guitars and violins all the way. 'Someday' is simply amazing. 'Goodbye' is good call and response punk. And last but not least is the secret song on the cd, it's hardcore metal. Anyways, this cd rocks my world HARD. I love Yellowcard!

(Thanks to Allan, I have the actual cover. - Aubin)