The Offspring - Conspiracy of One (Cover Artwork)

The Offspring

Conspiracy of One (2000)


E. R. Williams

Okay, so The Offspring's latest CD definitely isn't their best one ("Americana" and "Smash" were better), but it still has some pretty good punk songs. Songs like "Come Out Swinging," "Original Prankster," "Million Miles Away," "Conspiracy of One," and "Want You Bad," are all awesome and catchy.

But the lyrics overall don't really have the band's usual sometimes "humorous" lyrics (like "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)"), except for the song "One Fine Day," which is about hanging out with your friends, going to sporting events, and just having a good time. Other songs, like "Living in Chaos," "Special Delivery," "Denial, Revisited," and "Vultures" really aren't too hot, and even a little annoying.

One thing I did like was the two extra live tracks included (which I think is only available at Best Buy) on the disc, "Ah the Good Old Days," and "Nowadays." Another thing I thought was pretty creative, was just the design of the cover, and all the cartoons inside. So, overall, this isn't The Offspring's best CD ever, but it certainly isn't all that bad.