Alkaline Trio / One Man Army / theSTART - live in San Diego (Cover Artwork)
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Alkaline Trio / One Man Army / theSTART

live in San Diego (2003)

live show

I am surprised that a band like Alkaline Trio would play a show at canes. This isn't the first time, but with the release of their new album, tons of airplay and a new video on, I would think they would be able to play a bigger venue. Of course Cane was sold out, but to think what would have happened if it was a larger venue? No what ifs.

I arrived when the first band was playing but I think I only missed the first few songs. I was actually looking forward to seeing paris_texas, who just so happened to be the first band. I didn't even realize it was them until midway through the set when they announced their name. Let me tell you, they are much better recorded then they are live. I was disappointed.

Despite their name, The Start was up second. They are a female fronted "punk" band from Los Angeles. I was unimpressed with their set and it seemed the crowd's feeling was mutual. I saw a total of 3 heads bobbing in time with the music. 3 out of several hundred people is not an impressive number. I am assuming the crowd just wasn't feeling it like myself. I felt bad for the band, but they were just horrible.

The third band, who are from San Francisco, was One Man Army. They easily fall into the punk genre. Not typically my style but they had the crowd moving. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a decent number of people who showed up just to see them rather then the headlining band. They've come a long way from the last time I saw them a few years ago. The crowd was into it and I didn't mind the music at all. If you are into punk rock, check them out.

Alkaline trio were slow to get on stage. They had a bunch of roadies setting up for them. When that was done there was spooky music playing for what seemed like several minutes before one by one, the band came on stage. They opened up with "This Could be Love". Right off the bat, the crowd was moving like waves in the ocean and the crowd surfers wasted no time.

Matt Skiba seemed to be enjoying himself because he was smiling more than I have ever seen him smile before. He stood close to the barricades, just inches beyond reach of the crowd grabbing at him and talked with the crowd asking questions and taking requests. It brought a pleasant feeling to the performance to know that the band was enjoying themselves as much as the crowd. Some of the people in the crowd were going a little too crazy, making it hard for the others to enjoy.

We were treated so a "sing along", although to any diehard fan, the entire set was a sing along. The crowd was given the opportunity to sing the first few lines of "Cooking Wine". I was excited to hear that song, because it was that song that got me into the band nearly 5 years ago.

I felt like I was in a sense, robbed towards the end of their set. After the band had a few side discussions, they decided that they would not perform an encore. It went something along he lines of "I don't want to lie to you and say this is our last song…we're going to play a few more and then that's it. We're done." Despite this remark, after playing their closer "97" and exiting the stage, the crowd did chant "one more song…radio", but the lights were flipped on and the crowd moved out as the stage was broken down.

Here is the set list, as close to accurate as possible.

This Could Be Love
We've Had Enough
100 Stories
Maybe I'll Catch Fire
All On Black
I Lied My Face Off
Hell Yes
Cooking Wine
Another Innocent Girl
If We Never Go Inside
Goodbye Forever
My Friend Peter
Private Eye

[Thanks Jay P. and Rob C of for the setlist]