This Day Forward - In Response (Cover Artwork)

This Day Forward

In Response (2003)

Equal Vision

"This band doesn't play hardcore anymore, they suck now."

Shut up. Just shut the fuck up. All this constant, incessant whining about the hardcore scene and how it's going to shit because hardcore bands add other musical elements to their sound. Just stop it. If you don't think this new CD by Philadelphia's This Day Forward kicks some major ass, then you are not listening to it loud enough. In Response, out on Equal Vision, shows yet another leap forward from this band. Their first two CD's were crunch/scream fests...and as impressive and amazing as the first two CD's are...the last two, Kairos, and now In Response are that much more impressive. The CD starts off with White Picket Defense System which showcases their new style...lyrics half spoken, half sung that builds to a heavy scream filled breakdowns that pack a punch. It's almost like a heavier, more angry At The Drive In. In fact the first 4 songs follow this structure, yet, each one sounds different and unique. the second song One and One is an amazing track followed by The Breath. On the fourth track, # In the Past... On the Ground, they play this almost trippy, meditative intro. And just as you are about to sit down, close your eyes and begin to drift away...the song explodes into "Now it's time! Time to Fly!" and you are shaken by the ferocity and power this band has.

Yes, they do have a few odd, experimental tracks on In Response and these track will leave fans asking questions about just what the hell the band is doing...but make no mistake, This Day Forward can still bring the mosh with authority. Tracks 8,9, & 10 Abandon the Abbreviated World, Nouveau, and Voice are all complex mashes of melodic hardrock and pure emotional hardcore complete with mind blowing screams from Mike Shaw and huge bombastic breakdowns by the band behind him.

This CD kicks ass and there's no need to press the panic button just because a band doesn't scream their ass off on every song. Creativity, power and passion reigns supreme here and This Day Forward are clearly an incredible band who have a very bright future ahead of them.