Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution - A Call to Arms (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

A Call to Arms (2002)


Ska with acoustic guitars. Doesn't get more punk than that.

With a lineup that has enough people to sport an NBA roster (though talent my lack), it includes Tomas Kalnoky, someone many ska fans will recognize as the former vocalist for Catch-22. The band includes everything from chick celloist Marcy Ciuffedra to Shane Thomson, in charge of the congas. Yes, the congas.

Although one inventive ska band with the word bandits in it is probably one enough, this five-song EP is a great introduction to the group. The CD (up for download here) even encompasses a cover (can we call it a cover?) of "Dear Sergio", identical to the original sans plugged-in six strings.

An upright bassist, and violinist also adds to the orgy of strings used. It creates a Victorian medieval times-era sound, if you will.

It's a fun, laid-back approach to the horn-indulged genre which proves there are still bands that couldn't care less what the flavor of the week is. There are parts of songs which make you feel like you're listening to the background music of some Italian restaurant (like the jazzy outro of "It's a Wonderful Life"), to the catchy rambled vocals in the first thirty seconds of "Here's to Life."

With Streetlight Manifesto's recent signing to Victory Records, look for former Catch-22 members to be raping the genre in the months to come.