OK Go - OK Go (Cover Artwork)


OK Go (2002)


I can summarize this album in one word: underrated. After hearing their first single "Get Over It", many people passed the band off as another blink-182 clone, but this is simply not true. It's nothing like that. Ok Go's debut self-titled album is full of catchy choruses, crisp guitars, spot-on keyboarding, and true lyrics. While the album does include a lot of punk sensibilites, this is much more of a power pop/rock album with a very retro feel.

The album kicks off great with four bubbly rock songs: "Get Over It", "Don't Ask Me", "You're So Damn Hot", and "What to Do". They make me wish I was in a big concert crowd jumping to every beat. The album loses a little bit of momentum with "1000 Miles Per Hour", but catches back up again with "Return" and "The Fix is In". The album ends on a high-note with the love song "Bye Bye Baby".

The respectable keyboarding really brings a sense of individuality to the music. It adds great rhythm and melody to each song it's present in--which is all of them. It's never the same sound. They can be big beats or soft clicks. Not only that, but a variety of different band members play the keyboards and it feels like they're really trying to experiment with it and see what it does for their band.

Want some pop rock with integrity in your punk scene? Try these geeks out. This is perfect for any fan of Superdrag or They Might Be Giants. Ok Go is the Elvis Costello or Violent Femmes for a new generation.