OK Go photographed by Jeremy Weiss
OK Go is a Grammy–winning rock band from Chicago and Washington DC, best known for their singles "Get Over It", "A Million Ways", and "Here It Goes Again." They are also well known for their geek rock outfits which include waistcoats, sweater vests, ties, shirts, and smart trousers (called dress pants in the United States) such as khakis, office trousers or chinos which they use when performing in reminiscence of bands such as Weezer, They Might Be Giants and hellogoodbye. Influenced by artists like Cheap Trick, Raspberries, Fugazi, T. Rex and Queen, OK Go shares management with They Might Be Giants, another band with whom they toured before signing to Capitol Records.

However, outside of their fanbase, they are best known for the music video for "Here It Goes Again", featuring the band performing dances on eight treadmills. MTV had rejected the idea for a music video for the song, so instead, the band improvised a video using treadmills from the local gymnasium free of charge. The music video was filmed in one continuous shot and was uploaded to YouTube, where it has been viewed over fifteen million times. The video was popular enough to earn them the Grammy award for "Best Short–Form Music Video" in 2007.