Millencolin - No Cigar (Cover Artwork)


No Cigar (2001)


This isn't so much news as it is me trying to get other opinions. Millencolin's new EP, "No Cigar", on Epitaph is nothing new. The CD contains no new material whatsoever. It's simply one song from the album (No Cigar) with the two singles and the 7 combined songs on those (Fox and Penguins & Polarbears singles). Basically it's two of their CDs packaged together as one and resold with a new cover. They also features a multimedia track with the videos for Fox and Penguins & Polarbears (more on this later). The only other difference here is it's released on Epitaph in America, whereas the two singles were released on Burning Heart only, and not picked up by Epitaph. They were imports, but were by no means difficult to find. To me this seems like a way for Epitaph to cash in on these songs that they didn't pick up before. I'm really dissapointed in Millencolin.

What I AM excited to get is the upcoming Millencolin/Midtown split released on Burning Heart and Drive-Thru (NOT Epitaph), which has the song No Cigar (again), plus a NEW song Black Eye. Also included is the long version of Buzzer, which was on the Millencolin home video, but I'm still happy to have a CD version nonetheless. What else? The videos! Final analysis: the No Cigar EP is completely useless.

I'm interested in reading other people's thoughts on this...