Fairweather - If They Move... Kill Them (Cover Artwork)


If They Move... Kill Them (2001)

Equal Vision

Ok l wanna clarify first I'm not a huge fan o the whole Emo, or Emo-core, whatever we're calling it this week, scene/trend. I think it's insulting to bands like Jawbreaker and Lifetime that so many 19 year old driving their parents cars in rural parts of the country are making money and selling records by ripping of their sound, and doing it porly. But that's not to say none of them do it well. Alkaline Trio is a phenomenal band, and both Saves The Day and Junction18 pull off the Lifetime covers extremely well. But the band that has blown me away out of all this is Fairweather. This Virginia quintet just tears it up on this album. It's got that DC Scene influence that brings up images of Dag Nasty, Frodus, and Fugazi all at the same time. While showing a sense of pop melody that would put New Found Glory to shame. In short, this CD is the cream of the emo crop.