Bar Feeders - Pour for Favour, Por Favor (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Bar Feeders

Pour for Favour, Por Favor (2001)


Dude, this is a really fun CD.

I don't know what they were smoking when they recorded it, but judging by the way they sound, if it could be smoked, they probably did. The Bar Feeders are a real favourite all over the place, and while they didn't work for me at first, one morning, I was listening to it, and it just stuck in my head.

They yell a lot, and they have little melodic bits, and you can sing along with it. It's not old-school hardcore exactly, and it sure isn't pop punk. It doesn't sound like Rancid, NOFX, Green Day, Sunny Day Real Estate, or Weezer. So I'm going to try and make up a vague description that won't come close to doing them justice. Imagine if the Smugglers were in a truck, say, like a milk truck. And this aforementioned milk truck was driven by a drunk Dropkick Murphy's roadie, and it fell off a cliff. Ok. That doesn't really make much sense, but it would have blown up real nice.

So they don't sound like anyone, which is good, and they actually are fun to listen to, which is better. If you drink, you'll love this. And if you're straight edge, you might not like a lot of things, but you still might like this.

Summary for the Attentionally-Impaired: Good CD. Me likey. You likey.