Anti-Anti - Hooray For Everything (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Hooray For Everything (2003)


I apologize to this band. Their promo had immediately fallen into my "abysmal cover art and band name" pile and it took them a while to climb out of it and into my stereo. From the band's bio and presentation I was really expecting something in the goofy pop-punk vain, but instead I'm glad to report that Anti-Anti have a great grasp on speedy punk rock that lies somewhere between the Bouncing Souls and Screeching Weasel in influence.

This is fast skate punk that wouldn't seem out of place among the crowd of bands that popularized this style in the early 90s. Suffice to say those bands really played this sound into the ground, so much so that Anti-Anti may still be stuck with the stigma of being another skate-punk band. However Horray For Everything has enough energy and drive that you're not likely to sit back and consider the "context" of the band while the album's playing. Unfortunately 38 minutes feels like a long running time for this type of record, and once I'm 20 minutes into it I can't help but drift. By that point it really dosen't seem likely that Anti-Anti's going to throw any curves and the album suffers because of it.

Fickle reviewer attention spans aside, where this album really falters is in the fact that it doesn't establish enough of an original voice. At the end of the day, there isn't much here that distinguishes Horray For Everything from the piles of old Queers / MTX records you have lying around.

Still... there's potential here. After a look at this band's busy touring schedule I have no doubt they're in it for the long haul.