American Nightmare - The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter (Cover Artwork)

American Nightmare

The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter (2001)

Bridge 9

Usually I don't feel the need to write up a review for a band on some internet site (in this case a well done one I have a lot of respect for though) but this band has been like a juggernaut up and down the eastcoast and deserves as much recognition and attention as possible. The "Nightmare" is a ferocious Boston hardcore band in the veign of Right Brigade, Bane, ad the Trouble, but clearly wih their own sound too. They blew me away last year with their self titled debut, but this cd really brought it all together. They just rip through four of their own new songs and a Trouble (RIP) cover in something like nine minutes. But if you see this 7 inch or Cd at any local store near you, pick it up. This is the finest hardcore band to come out of the woodwork in years, so give them support and a listen. I also saw this band at the Equalvision Showcase last week and they're one of the best live bands out there.