Thursday / Thrice / Coheed and Cambria - live in Hartford (Cover Artwork)

Thursday / Thrice / Coheed and Cambria

live in Hartford (2003)

live show

Wow. The most amazing spectacle of the night was probably the huge line outside the Webster. I'd never seen a line so huge, and I've seen some huge lines in my day*. I decided to hop in line where I saw some people I knew. Sorry to everyone I cut ahead of. This was also the first time I'd been to a sold out show at the Webster, and boy was it packed! Packed like [Police reference ahoy] lemmings into shiny metal boxes!
* has not seen huge lines in his day

Coheed and Cambria were up first, and started off by playing "The Ring In Return" over the PA. Once the fro hit the stage, the crowd erupted with delight. The first real song was the title track from their new record "In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth:3," and no one ceased to rock out during the eight-or-so minute long song. After this, singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez took the time to introduce the band. "Hi, we're Coheed and Cambria." Really? I didn't know, what with that huge banner behind you and [additional sarcastic comment]. They then stormed into "Devil In Jersey City" which is now an "old favorite," and played five songs after that (Delerium Trigger, A Favor House Atlantic, Al The Killer, Blood Red Summer, and Everything Evil). This was my second time seeing Coheed (the first being at Warped earlier this year), so I was gypped once again in terms of set length. They were still entertaining though. I'd pay just to see the fro. I don't know if this is standard or not, because it was their last night on the tour, but before the bridge in the closer "Everything Evil," they started shredding to some Iron Maiden. I'm not sure of the song they were playing, but I know that the Iron Maiden fans enjoyed it. "Rock." The Dustbuster himself (Dustin Kensrue of Thrice) came onstage and screamed at the end of the song (the "FBI" part). I enjoyed that. Everyone was in such high spirits, and there were still two bands left!

Next band = Thrice = the band I wanted to see most out of all three. I've seen them twice before, so I guess this time made it, that's right, three times (I bet you were expecting me to say thrice. Not this time, buckaroos!). This was probably their best performance out of the three times, even though the majority of their set covered material from their latest album, "The Artist In The Ambulance." That's not to say I don't like hearing the new songs, it's just that the old songs rocked harder. They're probably never going to play anything from "Identity Crisis" at this point, but they still dabble in their tunes from "The Illusion Of Safety." They opened with "Under A Killing Moon" and went right into head-banger/rocking-outer "Silhouette" after that. They performed quite well, and watching lead guitarist Teppei Teranishi headbang to the maximum was just priceless. Well, no, it was like $20. But you get the idea! There was even a little comic relief thrown in there, as bassist Eddie Breckenridge messed up the quiet, palm-muted intro of "The Artist In The Ambulance" by trying to fix his mic and making Dustman laugh. Old Dustman had to start all over again! Everyone in attendance had themselves a hearty chuckle along with the Dustbuster, as the mood was light. It won't seem funny reading this, because you really had to be there! Similar to the new ending of "Deadbolt," the ending to "Cold Cash, Colder Hearts" was expanded, and was very rock-out-worthy. Yeah. Great set. Those Thrice guys never disappoint. Set = Killing Moon, Silhouette, Kill Me Quickly, Where Idols Once Stood, The Abolition of Man, Stare At The Sun, The Melting Point of Wax, Paper Tigers, In Years To Come, Deadbolt, Artist In The Ambulance, Cold Cash Colder Hearts, and perennial closer To Awake and Avenge the Dead.

Thursday. I knew they were becoming increasingly popular. I figured the crowd would be peppered with annoying (younger) fans and would ruin my first time seeing them that I paid a damn fine sum for. But that was not the case (fortunately!). I knew I would have a good time, because singer Geoff Rickly came out and asked me if I was ready to have a good time. Not the crowd in general, just me. Well, let the fun begin, I said. Seconds later, "For The Workforce, Drowning" kicked me in the face and started the fun. I must say, Thursday has quite a dedicated fanbase, as I could clearly hear hundreds of kids singing along to every song throughout the set. Good job, kids. After the opener, Geoff asked me if it was okay if they played some old songs. Sure Geoff, whatever you want. "Paris In Flames" followed, and this was one of the highlights of the set. Geoff's mic antics were awesome, but not tasteless, as most singers' who engage in mic antics are. Swinging, what can only be described as Noosing, and throwing the mic just made the performance that much better. They played an almost even split of songs from their new album "War All The Time" and last album "Full Collapse," and managed to throw in "Jet Black New Year" from that EP they released. This was their last night on the tour, so their friends Coheed and Cambria decided to have some fun. During the ballad-like "This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb," Coheed ran onstage in their boxers (one of them mooned the audience – woof), and saluted Thursday with airhorns. Real mature, guys. After the pseudo-closer "Division St.," Thursday left the stage, and the crowd started the usual "one more song" chant. To the fans' delight, Thursday reappeared onstage! I can't speak for the entire crowd, but I was pretty shocked that this happened at all. Geoff asked me if it was okay if they played two more songs instead. Hey, Geoffman, it's your show, I replied. They then played the title track from the new album and closed with "Autobiography Of A Nation." Thursday had a great first impression on me, and their live show is one that can be missed in dire situations, but you're better off not missing it. They'll be touring early next year, I think, because Geoff said he'd see me again in a few months.

Thursday's set:
For The Workforce, Drowning
Paris In Flames
Understanding In A Car Crash
Between Rupture and Rapture
How Long Is The Night?
Signals Over The Air
Cross Out The Eyes
Steps Ascending
Jet Black New Year
This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb
Division St.
War All The Time
Autobiography Of A Nation