The Juliana Theory - Music From Another Room (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Juliana Theory

Music From Another Room (2001)

Tooth & Nail

Carry me through the wires. Bury me in the screen. Shift me into this fixation. Cling to the machine. This is now your world and you barely made it. Did you think that it would cradle you until you were asleep forever? Did you?" - The Juliana Theory

Hmm…This EP was released just over a year after their full length "Emotion is Dead" hit the shelves. I guess it was supposed to hold over the fans for another two years while that appalling excuse for an album "Love" was in the making.

I won't waste much of our time, in short, don't buy this unless you're a die hard Juliana Theory fan. The disc picks up where "Emotion is Dead" left off. The first half of said album was admirable; however the latter is the tone that "Music From Another Room" follows. The total of six songs clocks in at nearly twenty eight minutes and they're just flat out boring. The only notable song is "Breathing Wires," which flaunts as an upbeat rock song with a nice breakdown. One decent song and really sharp aren't work aren't enough to warrant your money, I suggest you pick up either "Emotion is Dead" or "Understand this is a Dream" before you even consider this.