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Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet (2004)


Say goodbye to Phantom Planet, the one hit wonder. Say goodbye to Phantom Planet, posterboys for "The OC." Say goodbye to Phantom Planet, "that band with the guy from Rushmore in it."

Say hello to Phantom Planet, a band reborn.

Jason Schwartzman's out of the group, and apparently leaving with him was the band's super happy funtime side. This record is balls to the wall from the first track, "The Happy Ending." The fuzzed out bass, the hyperactive guitars, and the plaintive vocals push this track to the brink of destruction, at which point "Badd Business" picks up where it left off, ska-tinged bassline and all. First single "Big Brat" is one of the most fun singalongs I've heard all year, and it's dancable to top it all off.

The album peaks with shoegazer-rocker "You're Not Welcome Here," a spazzed out guitar noise fest freakout that goes on for a tad too long, but is still rather intense. After that point, the album takes a bit of a quieter turn with "By The Bed" and "Knowitall," both being more subdued - but still eons away from the safe sugar-pop of The Guest. The only time the album really recalls their britpop ripoff days is with "After Hours," but it's sandwiched between "Jabberjaw" and "The Meantime," two of the album's best tracks, so all is forgiven.

I'm still in shock listening to this album, and realizing this is the same band who put out The Guest. They've gotten leaner, they've gotten meaner, and they've gotten a shitload better. Their sound is dirty, punky, groove-centric, and just a damn good time. If this band were still underground, New York hipsters would be wetting themselves over this album.

Highly recommended.

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