April Sixth - Mariposa Ave. (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

April Sixth

Mariposa Ave. (2003)


One of Elektra's new(er) signings, April Sixth, fits a radio-rock niche that I'm sure will slide into the watered-down standard nicely when they release their upcoming full-length, but this recently released EP shows them to be a tolerable five-piece; aside from their overtly shitty name anyway, regardless of what personal / noteworthy significance it may carry.

Musically, the band basically sounds like a less marketable Hoobastank (subtract the occasional arena sound). The guitars are competently choppy and don't fall into the trap of being overproduced garbage, while the vocalist resembles a higher-pitched Dustin Kensrue. The band is of the Christian faith, but you wouldn't know it until someone mentioned it to you. Sure, their lyrics are comprised of self-worth strife and quests for "wholeness" (the latter of which the press release claims), but there's no blatant Jesus references, thankfully; of course, you could always say they aren't blatant in that sense as to be more accessible.

They're one of those bands where nothing would make you want to run out and buy the disc, but if you heard them at work or something ("Bring Me Down" is the appropriate single from this), you'll just shrug your shoulders and hum along, continuing your business.

"Bring Me Down"
"Somewhere Waiting"
"See Me Alone"
"Come Set Free"