Millencolin - Tiny Tunes (Cover Artwork)


Tiny Tunes (1994)

Burning Heart

Well to Millencolin fans who know thier shit about the first album shinanigans, you would know what happened to the full extent. for the rest here is a quick summary of what happened.

Millencolin release their first full length album as 'Tiny Tunes', after a while the cockheads at Warner Bro's didnt appreciate this and sued Millencolin, and the album was taken off the market, and re-released as 'Same Old Tunes' with different cover art, but the same old tunes were on the album.

Well, I was searching through a second hand CD shack, and found myself a copy of Tiny Tunes, and as a Millencolin fan I pounced and retrieved the cd for only $13.00 a.u.s. (That's about $1.25 US at the moment.)

But still, this is a fantastic sofcore punk cd with some cracker songs. opening with "Mr.Clean". a nice fast singalong to get you up and moving. followed by the skankin' likes of "Chiquita Chaser", to get those legs dancing.

"Leona" is a MC classic, a song about a girl yes, but not at all a love song. The ska classic Da Strike is a rare MC skank with horn solos aplenty.

My personal favourite, "Dance Craze" is the next awesome song off the rank, I cant help dancing away to this, though its a song about tough guys who cant dance... classic.

All in all, 12 songs of MC bliss to enjoy, whether or not you have it as "Tiny Tunes" or "Same Old Tunes". For some reason, as "Tiny Tunes" it just seems better...