Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust In Your Head (Cover Artwork)

Extreme Noise Terror

A Holocaust In Your Head (1989)

High Speed

This, the first Extreme Noise Terror record, is a huge exception to most of their discography. An excellent crust band that went the way (just took a bit longer) of fellow pioneers Napalm Death, they've left behind a few great records of their punkier days.

The music on this, their first whole LP, is not meant to be pleasant. This is not "melodical metalcore beatcore post-hardcore" or any other such 'intelectual' excuse to mosh around. The production is not amazing. The guitar is not given the shiny metal effects of modern bands with the same sound (crust, often mislabeled as grind). The drums sound at times like firecrackers, being hit so hard that it's a wonder they got through more than one without being accidently dismantled. Rounding out the sound is a distorted bass that usually hits a few notes before giving way to these thrashy masterpieces.

This band was probably one of the first to employ two vocalists, and their contrast works as well as any other. One shrieks, the other shouts. You'll need the lyric sheet, anyway. Like most crust, you can't actually understand what they're saying while just listening to it (the first time around, anyway). They sing the whole political spectrum, from "Fucked Up System" (which contains "Blaaaargh" as a lyric) to the superb "Murder", a song attacking the meat industry.

For fans of heavy political hardcore, this is an essential. If you like "grind", you'll also like this. It's all pretty much the same...