The Early November / Limbeck / Spitalfield - live in Boston (Cover Artwork)
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The Early November / Limbeck / Spitalfield

live in Boston (2004)

live show

It's funny what happens when you put promotion over people's actual placement on your list of priorities. It's also not very professional for public relations.

But I digress by simply stating that guest list problems caused me to miss the entire set of The Progress.

My friend and I finally got in after Park had played their first song. They seemed really together and into their short set; sounded good. Some of the songs the played in on particular order were "Your Latest Victim," and "Gasoline Kisses For Everyone," "Codex Avellum."

After Park was done, we had to conduct the hotly anticipted Early November interview, thus missing the first half of Spitalfield's set. It'll be up soon, don't worry; I know full well just about every punknews user is waiting impatiently for it.

Anyway, those crazy hardcore kids in Spitalfield came up next to play...their sincere, sweet doses of pop-punk. They had good stage presence and was really into it, giving it their all since it was the Chicago guys' last night on the tour. The tempo seems like it's speeded up, but in a really energized way, especially with the backup singer spinning in circles a quarter of the time. With a definite response up front, I had overheard "Kill the Drama" before I came back to near the stage, but when I did, I also watched them play "Five Days and Counting," "Stolen From Some Great Writer," and one of the slow songs from the Cloak and Dagger EP. They closed with a nice set with "I Loved the Way She Said L.A."

Alt-pop/country outfit Limbeck played some down-to-earth, sincere power-pop tunes next and, while the mood was more relaxed than any other point of the show, it was oddly refreshing. The singer has a genuine smile on his face, and the right stage guitarist is like Jack Black, with his feverish yells and yelps and shouts. The music isn't too twangy to feel like you're at a hoedown, but it's not too overly poppy. Some tunes off Hi, Everything's Great I remember were "In Ohio On Some Steps" (where they brought out the girl who recorded those vocals to sing along), a neccessarily extended version of "Albatross and Ivy," and "Honk and Wave," which had a great breakdown that didn't let you know when it would actually end.

The Early November were okay. They played ten songs. Some dude that looked like the lead singer of Strike Anywhere rapped on the last one. They were energetic. The end.

Set List

  • Every Night
  • Results
  • Ashala
  • ------------
  • Baby Blue
  • Course
  • Sesame
  • ------------
  • Ever So
  • 200
  • ------------
  • Fluxy
  • Mountain
  • ------------
  • SAD [not actually played]