Black Cross - Art Offensive (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Black Cross

Art Offensive (2003)

Equal Vision

Louisville's Black Cross (formerly known as the Black Widows) play potent hardcore punk with a dash of grungy metal and melody thrown in for good measure. This is their first album for EVR and it, put simply, rocks my socks off.

The band is often desrcibed as a mix between Black Flag and Drive Like Jehu, and I must say that is a fairly good description. It is loud and heavy as hell, but at times very original and wandering, which is a great thing. It keeps the album from becoming repetitive like so many other punk releases. My favorite songs on the record would have to be "Black Market Cigarettes", the frenetic "Just Go Outside", and "Bitta's Walk". The record hints at a great live show and hopefully soon I will be able to confirm those hopes.

Go out and buy this if you are sick of hearing the same old tired metalcore and emo crap dominating the indie music scene right now, or if you just want some deeply satisfying hardcore punk rock.