Yellowcard / Something Corporate - live in Salt Lake City (Cover Artwork)

Yellowcard / Something Corporate

live in Salt Lake City (2004)

live show

This was a show I went to torn. Torn because I enjoyed Yellowcard's first album (although I don't really care for the new one), wanted to see Pete from Inspection 12 (one of my favorites) on bass, and know that both bands can be very energetic live. The problem came with the fact that I knew there would be hordes of annoying 13-16 year olds who think that Simple Plan is the best thing to happen to music, bouncing around and singing in their high-pitched voices (you might say, "but Trevor, isn't that what 13-16 year olds are supposed do at concerts?" You're right, but this isn't your review, dammit).

The original reason for going to this show was because living in Wyoming, we do not get a chance to see live bands (unless they're local) and my roommate and his girfriend have never been to any live musical performance of any sorts. Having missed Brand New a few months earlier, we opted for Yellowcard/Something Corporate. Having had previously seen both bands a couple times, I knew it would be a good way to show them a fun time. About a week before the show, they pulled out, saying they wouldn't have enough money for the haul to Utah. My girlfriend and I decided we would go anyways.

We pulled up to Club Bricks (At the Venue, now) at about 5:30 and waited in the long line outside. Amongst the Something Corporate and Get Up Kids shirts, I wondered if anyone knew who the hell Whippersnapper was (shirt I was wearing). The show started at 6, and we were still in line. I could hear the opening band playing, and it wasn't until about 15 minutes later that we made it in.

Steriogram was playing as we walked in, and I noticed LP-Yellowcard's drummer, standing next to me. I shook his hand and immediately after, a group of girls in front of me made a big commotion, pointing and buzzing, as if to say "Like, Oh my God! That was the Yellowcard guy!!". Steriogram are from New Zealand. If I had to make a comparision of who they sounded like, it would be a mix between Sum 41 and Mest. There was a really skinny guy who only rapped and then a full band with a guitarist who also sang. I doubt I'd ever buy their CD, but the crowd liked them, and they had good energy.

Something Corporate was next and the place went crazy. There is a balcony at Bricks, and to support are two posts on the club floor space about 20 feet apart. On top of these posts are steel beams that run back to the balcony to support it. During the set, a kid climbed the 20 foot post, and despite security trying to grab the kid, he dove into the crowd. A giant speaker also almost toppled over, with a stage light falling off of it in the process. Towards the end of the set, they broke into OutKast's 'Hey Ya', before finishing with 'Punk Rock Princess'. The bass player was dressed like a Pirate the entire time too...

I went to the merch booth and bought my sister a Yellowcard hoodie for her birthday and asked the merch guy if he knew whether or not Pete from I-12 was permanetly with Yellowcard, and he said yes. Hmm...I hope this doesn't spell the end of him in Inspection 12.

The place got even crazier when Yellowcard took the stage. There were a couple more "post dives" and dancing pits, yes, that's right. The same kind of pit with the same kind of trucker-cap wearing, gauged ear, black moppy hair kids who does the same dancing at Poison the Well and From Autumn to Ashes shows. In no way am I implying that "hardcore" pits, or skinny kids with black plugs in their ears doing mock karate moves are tough in any sense, but simply that I didn't picture this at a pop-punk show, but I digress...

To my dismay Yellowcard only played a song or two off 'One for the Kids'. Ryan told the crowd that Salt Lake City has some of the hottest chicks in America, (it's true, I second it!) and told all the guys they were lucky bastards. Pete did a great job. He even has a mic now, and as good as he played and the enegry he had, I could not stop thinking about his comments pertaining to being in Yellowcard in his previous run with the band; something to the effect of hating being lumped in with pop-punk bands on tours, hating playing to crowds of 14 year olds every night who "think New Found Glory and Blink is the best thing since steak sauce", etc. I wonder what was going through his head that night...

Ryan thanked the crowd, telling us he remembers the show they played on Warped Tour 2 years ago (I was there, it was really great. There were about 30 people there, all going crazy) as one of their best and thanked Utah for being so great to the bands that come through. They ended the set with 'Breathing' and we took off to beat the crowd/traffic out of the club. On the way out, I heard them playing 'View from Heaven', and I'm sure they played a couple more encore songs.

Overall, it was really enjoyable. Like I mentioned, I don't really care for either band much anymore, but they're good at what they do and they deserve all the success they're getting for their hard work. I hope the addition of Pete to Yellowcard really shows through on the next album. The place was packed, if you're a fan of either band or pop-punk, go see this tour. The ticket price is a little more than I'm used to at 17 bucks, but at least it's not $60, and you're supporting some hard working people who deserve it.