Ever We Fall - Endura (Cover Artwork)

Ever We Fall

Endura (2003)


The music on this 6 song album is quite surprising. It clocks in longer than some full lengths I've listened to. They have that post hardcore edge that everyone is carrying around with them but they don't feel the need to scream in every single chorus. This gives them something different. The musicianship is very intricate and the music is very melodic.

The opening track, Unwind starts off very emo-ish with the harmonic guitars and the underlying bass tones. The vocalist has an outstanding voice and it may be a little more on the high end, but at least he has good range. The guitars are heavy, but in a more toney way, which is refreshing. They don't come off with the same guitar sound as everyone else out there. I'm seriously digging the grooves these boys are throwing down. River City Ransom is another awe-inspiring tune, that throws down some more great beats. It has a hardcore feel riff with the guitar battle-harmonies. The chorus takes a page right out of moneen's book with the laid back vocal style. Broadcast is a little blander than the previous two songs but still throws you the emo-ish grooves with deep bass lines. The drum beats on Broadcast are fairly prevalent, and deserve a second listen for sure.

The intro to 8 Track Collision somewhat reminds me of All State Champion, and is the only song under 4 minutes in length. Three Wires In has good transitions from heavy to soft and throws in some screams that are pushed to the background that blend together with the vocalist very well. Much like the first track, Aria throws down the emo intro and then hurls itself into an anthemish pattern as this infectious tune takes your ears and molds them to your speakers in shear ecstacy. That description might have been overkill, but it's one of those songs that you put on a mix cd full of epic songs that make you and your friends bob your head. The lead guitar riff is simple but effective and like I said before the guitar tone has a little more mid-range and gives it a different edge.

This is an excellent debut release from Ever We Fall. From emo to hardcore, this is something a lot of people who enjoy their music melodic will like.