Portland, OR's Ever We Fall is bursting onto the national indie/emo scene in surprising fashion. EWF has taken their crumpled handbill into the world of Lights, Billboard Consumption, Spreadsheets, and Legendary Studios – with the confidence and half–grins only innocence can muster, taking stages like their lives are at stake, writing & recording with an emotional vengeance rare in a band so young. Having played several months worth of shows in the Portland area, and gigs up and down the west coast, with a good demo and a spectacular live show, EWF began making their statement. Kids were talking, bands were talking, and before long a management company and a label were talking.

Signing to Rise Records in September 2003, with a disc full of home recordings, the label said EP, booked London Bridge Studios in Seattle, and with John Goodmanson (Death Cab For Cutie, Vaux, Sleater–Kinney) at the controls, recorded their debut 6–song EP Endura in 4 days. The ironically titled debut release (more a statement of what's to come, than a present declaration), is stunning. Unforgettable sing–along melodies inside dense walls of guitar, layered with acoustic guitars and piano; a 30–minute burst of energy and emotion. No excess, no wasted time. This is just the beginning for Ever We Fall. The rumble is becoming the roar among the same network of kids and bands, the album drops December 16, and the future will start to unfold.