Stereotyperider - Under The Influence (Cover Artwork)
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Under The Influence (2004)

Suburban Home

Whole albums of cover songs can be a dangerous thing. Most people can only put up with so many songs in a row that aren't original, unless they're being done humorously [see Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, or to a lesser extent Richard Cheese]. Suburban Home Records found a solution to the boredom of full cover albums - just do an EP's worth! Seems simple, really. So Stereotyperider has the honors of kicking off the label's Under The Influence covers EP series, and they kick it off with a bang.

The Arizona quartet takes on some pretty influential bands - The Cure, Archers Of Loaf, Fugazi, The Pixies, Seaweed, Descendents, and Quicksand. That's a smorgasboard of talent and creativity right there, and it's definitely a lot to live up to. Stereotyperider performs rather admirably, considering the weight of the songs they are tackling.

The EP opens with the group's version of the Cure's first ever single released in 1979, "Jumping Someone Else's Train." I've always loved this song but felt it never got it's proper recognizance due to poor recording. Stereotyperider plays it virtually note-for-note [which becomes the theme throughout the EP], and just beefs the song up. It's a great rendition.

The EP's other standouts are the versions of 'Where Is My Mind?" [which sounds like it was one of those covers the band busts out when they're playing a very poorly-attended bar in the middle of nowhere when they've all knocked a few back] and a valiant attempt at Seaweed's "Crush Us All." Musically they're both solid, but vocally they leave something to be desired. Although that's kind of why they're the standouts - theyr'e not perfect and they're not trying to be. It's just the band paying homage to groups that helped get them to where they are today artistically.

The packaging is also quite endearing, too, featuring the album covers that four of the songs came from, redesigned to say Stereotyperider - Under The Influence. It's a fitting tribute, and is done with all sincerity. As a whole, the EP is definitely worth a listen.

Jumping Someone Else's Train

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