Rise Against / Guttermouth - live in San Diego (Cover Artwork)

Rise Against / Guttermouth

live in San Diego (2004)

live show


I arrived early for this concert sponsored by Volcom. The initial two bands were local bands competing in a so-called competition "Volcom Joust" sort of thing. They were competing for a travel trailer. The bands were Forensik and Jenix. Both bands reminded me of the new wave of awful screamo bands. I sat at the side and waited impatiently for the agony to end. I could tell you something about them if they actually sounded good. Think of a sound similar to "The Used" with more off-tune screaming.

The third band was the band Before Today(formerly Early Times) which signed to Equal Vision records earlier this year. I am convinced these guys have a ton of talent but they still sound awful to me. The lead singer's voice is decent but I hate the way the guy screams. This is not a band I like.

Finally , after a long wait Guttermouth came on to the stage and put on an absolutely mindblowing performance. I've never been a big fan of their music but they were absolutely amazing. They started by asking "Which of the first bands was worst?" and then answered the question themselves. They then went on about how they didnt do screamo, they were a punk rock band. Now to the music, an amazing performance filled with a lot of the older stuff(Didnt hear much if anything from Gusto). Crowd spit on singer and he spit back while taunting the "little shit"(his words). The energy in the performance was the best I have seen in a long time and in a room with around 2000 people, it was amazing. I'm not good with song names for Guttermouth so I wont attempt to butcher the setlist. All I know is the performance left me in anticipation of hearing them again on the Warped Tour.

Rise Against came on a few minutes after Guttermouth finished and put on a good performance although I wasnt that impressed with their new guitar player. The played a wide variety of songs including a few they have never played live before. I've seen them quite of few times and it was just as good as I remembered. This is the set list as I remember it(in no order,may miss a song or two) and I'll comment on the two new songs. Black Masks and Gasoline, Heaven Knows, Like the Angel, Voices off Camera, Blood-Red White and Blue, Broken English, Alive and Well, My Life Inside Your Heart, Six Ways till Sunday, Everchanging, 1000 Good Intentions, The Art of Losing, Give It All(New song off Rock Against Bush Comp), "Destination Anywhere From You" (song from the new album, name wasnt given but this was the chorus line) The song from the new album was a little slower and not one of my favorites of the night (still showed off Tim's amazing voice) but "Give it All" sounded amazing. Overall, a great job done by the two headliners.