The Blood Brothers - Jungle Rules Live DVD (Cover Artwork)
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The Blood Brothers

Jungle Rules Live 📀 (2003)

Artist Direct

The Blood Brothers stopped by in Pittsburgh late last year and I opted not to go. I probably had some lame excuse like I wanted to play video games or didn't have any money. A lot of people told me I missed one hell of a live band and an amazing set. I shrugged my shoulders, I doubt I missed much.

Oops, I gaffed.

After watching this forty-minute DVD it's apparent that the "Sasscore" leaders really are a remarkable live act. On September 27th of 2002 the Blood Brothers graced the Old Fire House's stage in Redmond, Washington.

Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney pummel the platform and the audience with their onstage antics, while the rest of the band delivers and equal amount of mayhem. The five members of the group rip through an eleven song set containing material mostly from "This Adultery Is Ripe" and "March On Electric Children;" although, "Guitarmy" and "Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon" do appear from "Burn, Piano Island, Burn."

While the production here isn't quite what Kung Fu Records has been delivering, there's a D.I.Y. feel to the footage. It's a tad grungy, dirty, as well as raw and it fits this band's unique presentation perfectly. There are a few camera angles to please your eyes – quick cuts from up close, far away, above, and the right side of the stage. A big plus is that you never see another camera man pop in. Sound wise, the recording is a little dry, there's no loss in the intensity of the songs though. The rest of the artwork and menus look good and they go well with the entire product. Bonus material is the DVD's downfall, three audio tracks, a discography, and some photography – Nothing special at all. The live set is the most important aspect of the DVD though and that comes across impressively. If you've seen the Blood Brothers before and you love their live show or if you're like me and you've yet to be as fortunate, then I highly suggest you pick this up to witness a truly terrific band.

Set List:

  • Guitarmy
  • Birth Skin / Death Leather
  • Kiss of the Octopus
  • Jennifer
  • Meet Me at the Waterfront After The Social
  • Siamese Gun
  • Doctor! Doctor!
  • New York Slave
  • Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon
  • Mr. Electric Ocean
  • Mutiny on the Ark of the Blood Brothers