Link 80 - 17 Reasons (Cover Artwork)

Link 80

17 Reasons (1997)

Asian Man

Ok, so a few days ago, I got bored, and started to listen to a few Against All Authority songs, that have been on my computer for ages. So, while I was listening to them, I thought to myself, "wasn't there a band that could pull this off, without sounding awful?" Then I realized, yes, yes there was...

I present to you, the Link 80 CD, 17 Reasons

This is exactly how ska-core should be. It starts off with "Verbal Kint", a fun little song about Satan, and stays more to the ska side. Then, two songs later, "Enough" starts. This song will destroy you many, many times within its 2 minutes and 21 seconds. Other great songs on this disk are "Pretty Girls", "Jeff Acree", "Dime Store Hoods", "Slap", and "Dance Floor"... ahh what the hell, why don't I just name all the songs on the damn CD! If you like AAA, Choking Victim, Suicide Machines, or just good music in general, you NEED this.

Now, the bad news = Nick Traina, the insane vocalist on this CD, sadly succumbed to a heroin addiction, and died of suicide. He was manic depressive, and the lyrics show much of it, especially on "Slap", with "When I was a child, my castle was my home, now I walk down empty streets, memories and me alone, it's easier to burn a bridge that to cross it, to slip, give in, give up, move on, and try to forget. More has been said in silence than could ever be spoken in words, secret's shared, and promises kept, and feelings that will never be cured."

They ended up getting a new singer, and put out The Struggle Continues..., and Killing Katie EP, and while both of those CDs are still good, they can't compare to this. Nicks vocals were just perfect for this type of music, and it was sad to see him go.

"Dance floor its' my home away from home, the music's loud, I start to dance, I don't feel so alone, so much aggression, but I don't hurt anyone, I go to the show, and I dance and have fun... I found it, what I've been looking for! Paid my five bucks and go into the show, this is so great, I don't ever want to go…" - "Dance Floor"

Nick Traina - 05.01.78 - 09.20.97