Foundation - Homecoming (Cover Artwork)
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Homecoming (2002)

1-2-3-4 Go!

Foundation is the acoustic side-project of Rob Huddleston, a name you might recognize from the liner notes of every Ann Beretta record as the primary singer/songwriter. Huddleston's main band has been lagging as of late with original, unique material, instead seemingly recording Bitter Tongues over and over again, so this 7" is a nice release from that watered-down genre.

The three songs on this 7" are all exclusive to this release, unlike Foundation's first full-length on Fueled By Ramen. There's no re-working of Ann Beretta songs on here; instead, this material is the best Huddleston's put to tape in a number of years. The A-side, "Homecoming," is a fun, driving number with excellent use of drums for an acoustic song. B-side "Wave Of Destruction" is a somber number that sounds like it was recorded in one take, which adds to it's overall enjoyability. The harmonica usage isn't cheesy, either. But the real gem on this record is the other B-side, "No Smoke," which features vocals from Alison Mosshart, formerly of Discount, in one of her last recorded tracks before she decided to make her voice sound like shit and sing for The Kills.

The strong duet between Mosshart and Huddleston makes this 7" completely worth purchasing for this song alone. The other two tracks, while not as instantaneously memorable, are just as enjoyable. A worthwhile purchase.

Homecoming [clip]
No Smoke [clip]