The Horde - The Horde (Cover Artwork)
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The Horde

The Horde (2003)

1-2-3-4 Go!

If you're going to call your band the Horde, you better rock.

If you're going to have a skull and crossbones on the cover of your record, with two knives replacing said crossbones, you better rock.

If you're going to put your band members' faces inside the holes of a set of brass knuckles on your back cover, you better rock.

If you're going to have a song called "Tongue of Death," you better rock.

Fortunately, the Horde rock, and rock hard. This 4-song EP, the only thing the band left behind before their sudden breakup, is an excellent representation on how to look tough, act tough, and sound tough all without looking, acting, or sounding pretentious. These songs all reek of circle pits, banshee vocals, headbanging breakdowns, and basement shows. A sloppy sound comparison would be to the Bronx or other bands along the "nu-garage" route, but this band seems to have more hardcore tendencies. It's sad to know that they've already disbanded, but they left behind a hell of a debut.

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