Time In Malta - Alone With The Alone (Cover Artwork)

Time In Malta

Alone With The Alone (2004)

Equal Vision

I'd like to make a toast. I'd like to raise our glasses and toast Time In Malta's new full length on Equal Vision Records Alone With The Alone. Like a fine bottle of wine, Time In Malta keep getting better with age. After a few tumultuous lineup changes, Time In Malta have returned with without a doubt one of the best CD's of 2004. This thing just fucking rocks... and rocks hard.

And as I sat there listening to Alone With The Alone, I could not help but ask myself..."What the hell am I listening to?!?!" "Is this Hard Rock? Hardcore? Punk? Emo? Screamo? Metal? Grunge? Sludge? Just what the hell is this stuff?!"

Shades of many bands can be heard...Boy Sets Fire, Refused, Soundgarden, Reach The Sky, Ignite, This Day Forward, Led Zeppelin, The Smashing Pumpkins, Fugazi, Stretch Arm Strong, Iron Butterfly...In the end, it doesn't matter...it just doesn't matter what you call this. Time In Malta have taken bits and pieces of all of the above mentioned musical genres and put together a cornucopia of sound for your ears to enjoy.

From crunching, bludgeoning breakdowns, to soft melodic interludes, to ripping metal to driving hard rock, TIme In Malta take you on a musical journey you will soon not forget. One thing is certain, this is a heavy, loud band. Even the slower tunes build to a crushing crescendo. Most of the songs just bore straight ahead building into a feroscious screaming haze of power. From the light intro of "47" they shread into "Bare Witness" and don't let up on the throttle until the final seconds. :Louder Than Bombs" is a call to arms of the people's voice. The dreamy "Ghost" builds into a monster of a song. "Catalyst" might be one of the hardest hardcore romps ever recorded.

Make no mistake about it, Time In Malta are poised to show the world why they are one of the best, most creative hardcore acts around.