Dance Hall Crashers - The Live Record (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Dance Hall Crashers

The Live Record (2000)

Pink & Black

There should be some sort of rubric for a band to warrant a live CD. Too damn many are being put out nowadays in a market where the official live CD [especially in punk rock] used to be rare. As I listen to 70 minutes of dual-female vocalized punk/ska, Fat Wreck style [there's your summary, kids], I ponder: why do the Dance Hall Crashers need a live CD? They're not breaking/broken up. The songs aren't varied at all from their original recordings [at least the ones that I have heard before, which are about half]. This isn't a benefit for anything/anyone. So why? I mean, DHC is alright, and I'm sure they're nice people. But unless the live CD is marking a special occasion [i.e. Cheap Trick's "Music For Hangovers" or Braid's "Lucky To Be Alive' {both recorded at the same place, might I add}], keep it under wraps. And if you ska kids REALLY want a live ska CD, check out the new Slackers CD, it's great.

[taken from A different kind of greatness webzine]