The Hope Conspiracy - Cold Blue (Cover Artwork)

The Hope Conspiracy

Cold Blue (2000)

Equal Vision

I had heard all kinds of good shit about this up and coming hardcore band called the Hope Conspiracy... And one day I was looking around in a record store and I run upon it. So I thought for a minute and decided to buy it. I put in the CD player in my car and GODDAMN, it almost blew my speakers!

Dan Zimmerman has this point in his vocals where you think he is going to slow down and sing but then he picks up again with a brain shattering scream. This is most definitley one of the best hardcore CDs I own! This record packs a fuckin' punch and it will definitley knock you on your ass.

The only dissapointing thing about this CD is that it has just 10 songs and is only 22:11 in length. If you like shit like Converge, Poison the Well, Until the End, Buried Alive, or Ten Yard Fight you will love The Hope Conspiracy.