Death Threat - Peace & Security (Cover Artwork)

Death Threat

Peace & Security (2000)

Triple Crown

god called in sick


That's all that I can say about these guys. There a CT hardcore band, so you know that they sing about "the scene" and their friends and being true to hardcore, but the way that these guys present the message of, "Do What You Want", makes you want to keep listening. I borrowed this CD off a friend and I haven't stopped listening to it for a week. I taped it so I could listen to it in the car and I'm listening to it right now.

The singer's voice might take a little getting used to, but I think it's one of those, you either like it or you don't, situations. He doesn't sound like every other hardcore *singer* around so it gives them an original edge in a world of shitty, standard hardcore.

The music is really heavy and is almost always moving at a fast speed. They do break down every once in a while, but it doesn't last for long and they throw you back into the breakneck world of good hardcore.

Also, if you're a fan of Blood for Blood than you'll want to listen to the song "Life Sentence" for sure. Rob and Buddha show up to do some guest screaming and that track is one of the best.

Stand out tracks include "You're the one" (a good break up song) "Dead at Birth", "Nowhere Fast" and "Outcast" but the rest of the songs are just as good. This CD is really impressive for a band that as far as I know is new to the scene and I hope they have something new coming out soon because I can't get enough of them.

(The band is new (as of 1997) but it's made up of former members of Hatebreed - Aubin)