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The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground (1969)


I'm actually surprised that no one has reviewed any of The Velvet Underground's records. I decided to start with my favorite.

From the slow, melodic opener "Candy Says," to the acoustic pop-ditty "After Hours," this album delivers nothing but pure hits. On this record, The Velvet Underground departed from their earlier more experimental sound and adopted a slower, simpler style. While it doesn't encompass the pop spirit that Loaded does, there are definitely traces of the band's progression apparent in the rockers "What Goes On," and "I'm Beginning to See the Light."

Not only do the song structures vary, but so does the percussion. While keeping in touch with the minimal percussion used on The Velvet Underground and Nico (mostly just a bass drum on its side, a tambourine, and a snare drum) on tracks like "Some Kinda Love" with its clip-clop beat, this album also has the appearance of a full set.

This album relies heavily on repetition, like other Velvet Underground records, but generally overlying is a very melodic guitar solo/riff. The result is something that's generally bluesy/rock 'n roll while being one at the roots of the indie/punk scene.

With songs about drugs, transsexuals, love, sex, and rock and/or roll, The Velvet Underground encompassed the true spirit of rock 'n roll while influencing so many other groups during this time period. This album is a classic. Go buy it before people discover that you don't own it and beat you.