Screeching Weasel - Teen Punks in Heat (Cover Artwork)

Screeching Weasel

Teen Punks in Heat (2000)

Panic Button

I've been a fan of Screeching Weasel since the first time I heard Guest List in my local record store. There was a time when they were my favorite band, and the only cd's in my cd player were 'My Brain Hurts' Anthem for a New Tommorrow' and 'Wiggle'. I have since been exposed to many different types of music, punk or not, and Weasel has slipped from the top spot of my 'favorite bands' list (replaced by Jawbreaker,Lifetime,and Strung Out). However, I have managed to scrape up enough cash to buy every one of Weasel's releases (even a couple 7 inch's) and have rarely been let down. 'Teen Punks in Heat' was one of those let downs.

'Emo', the unpolished, first take record released before 'TPIH' was a little dissapointing at first, but after getting used to the sound, I learned to like it for the rawness and the lyrics. "Teen Punks in Heat" was a return to the clear production, but it seemed to lack the emotion(no pun there) that "Emo" had. Most of the record resembles 'Major lable Debut' style songs, with fast music, obnoxious vocals and lyrics, and no need for a time counter. The best songs on 'Teen Punks in Heat' are 'bottom of the 9th', 'too worked up','things seem all fucked up today' and 'six percent', which is one of their better songs ever.

The cover art is classic, with more than meets the eye. The recent break up of Screeching Weasel might have been foreshadowed in the cover art, with the phrase "goodbye to the wannabe rock star" spraypainted on an alley wall next to a Screeching Weasel poster. Who knows, maybe I've got too much time on my hands. Anyway, 'Teen Punks in Heat' is less than outstanding, but better than mediocre. I recomend "My Brain Hurts" or "Bark Like a Dog" to the first time listener, but not "Teen Punks in Heat". If you've been a Weasel fan for years like me, it's definitely worth it.