Anterrabae - Shakedown Tonight (Cover Artwork)


Shakedown Tonight (2004)

Triple Crown

Ah yes, Triple Crown records, home of Long Island boys Brand New. This is probably how everyone heard of the label, but now, we have a new reason to recognize Triple Crown, and their name is Anterrabae. Now Anterrabae has nothing in common with label mates Brand New, in fact, I believe they would pull that rod out of Lacey's ass and beat him over the head with it. Anterrabae is not your average hardcore band, they mean what they say, and they aren't screaming because screaming is hardcore, they are screaming because they are truly pissed off, and thats refreshing. Now on to the cd.

The cd starts of with the song how "Joey Got His Groove Back" after a sarcastic sounding "whoo" from lead vocalist Neal Carter a brutal hardcore assault commences. Now the most exciting parts of Anterrabae are their sarcastic and unbelievably catchy lyrics. I would relate them to Everytime I Die, but not quite as abstract. Its tough to select standout songs on this cd, because they are all honestly as good as the next, but "Etcetera" is a unbelievably fun song because of it's lack of a chorus and continuous breakdowns.

Two songs on this cd do deserve special mention however, these songs are my nominations for hardcore songs of the year. "Nevertheless She Was A Mess" is one of the most brutal lyrical assaults of this year. When Neal Carter screams "You'll find me deep in regret, with a bottle and bruise, reciting tired quotes and tragic tales" I honestly feel like punching a hole in my wall. I know that you may think im exagerrating, but this cd is that damn good. The lyrical content on Shakedown Tonight is the most impressive I've heard from a band's debut album. This is most evident on the bands second to last song, "Mending Tones From Vowels And Frowns." "We feel fine, we are quite alright, I'd could give a fuck if we wake up this time." Now the lyric itself may not be that impressive, but how it was presented is what makes it so incredibly original and exciting.

I may have only discussed 4 of the songs, but don't be fooled, this cd doesnt have any clear cut stand out songs. This is by far my favorite hardcore cd of this year and quite possibly my favorite cd in the last year. I know my review may suck, but it's only because I honestly don't know how to put the brilliance of this cd into words, but please for your sake and the sake of Long Island Hardcore check these guys out. They mean what they say and as it says on their website, they will not be swallowed and shit out like the other "trendy hardcore" bands, Anterrabae is Anti-Rock.