mewithoutYou / Owen / Despistado - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

mewithoutYou / Owen / Despistado

live in Chicago (2004)

live show

Despistado started out the night by affirming everyone's claim that they're just a two-bit At The Drive In rip-off. They played generally boring songs that I thought took just as much from Q And Not U's No Kill No Beep Beep as they did from Relationship Of Command. The music itself is supposed to be high-energy and exciting, even danceable at times, yet the entire crowd stood still and bored while they finished up their set. Nothing exciting, but hey, At The Drive-In and Q And Not U are good influences in my book. Just maybe not to the extent that they are played out with this band.

Mike Kinsella played next as Owen, just him and his guitar. Now this was the biggest let down of the evening, not Mike, but the crowd during his set. It was full of rude assholes here for mewithoutYou and fans of Owen, but the annoying kind. You know, the ones who sing along to every word, and sometimes feel the need to fill in a missing melody that appears on record but goes missing during an acoustic set. He started with an amazing cover of Nico's "These Days," and went on to play songs from his new record and some older ones too. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with Mike's solo work, but after the show I wanted to be. He is an amazing guitar player and writes some beautiful music complimented with his unique vocal stylings, all in all, a superb singer/songwriter who puts on a great live show that would have been better had the audience not been full of idiots.

mewithoutYou is a trainwreck. The music is nothing special, like a mashup of a mid-90s indie band with some guy who half sings half shouts (and does neither one well). I'd heard some tracks before the show, but had to leave during the first song due to them being a sloppy mess with no inherent desire to play on time with each other, or to play good music. It's like a band full of those kids in high school who always tried to be artistic even though they lack inherent talent.

Yeah, Despistado gets a 4, Owen gets an 8, mewithoutYou gets a 1. Averaged out, that equals 4 and 1/3. So I'm rounding it up due to the fact that Owen was really good. An overall 5.